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Season 4 Corus YTV Canada May 1, 2006 May 17, 2006 and June 15, 2006

69. I WANT MY BABY BACK May 1, 2006 May 17, 2006 After waking up to find a wedding ring on her finger, Val is surprised to learn that she has married her old boss, Vic, during a wild night in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Holly is determined to tell Vince that she loves him and hides out in the back of his car as he travels to Florida, but she is heartbroken when she realizes she may have lost him forever.

70. SURPRISE May 8, 2006 May 18, 2006 With Holly and Vince now officially a couple, Holly is determined to make the relationship work even though they must spend a few months apart while he is in Florida. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren devise a plan to force Val's new husband, Vic, to move out of her apartment so they can end their quickie marriage.

71. THE REDO May 15, 2006 May 22, 2006 Holly and Vince have their first fight when Vince takes Gary to a basketball game instead of her. Holly feels that she and Vince should attend sporting events, plays and other events together, though she quickly realizes this idea may not be for the best. Meanwhile, Vic still refuses to sign the annulment papers, but his persistence may be winning Val over.

72. I'VE GOT A SECRET May 23, 2006 Holly is sworn to secrecy when Tina confides that she may have romantic feelings for Gary. Likewise, Vince is sworn to secrecy when Gary confides that he may have feelings for Tina. Meanwhile, Vic convinces Val to go on a double date with Lauren and one of his fireman buddies, causing Val to see Vic in a new light.

73. THE PERFECT DATE May 24, 2006 Val tries to convince Vic that their marriage is meaningless by going out on a date with Charlie, a customer in the bakery. Although Charlie quickly becomes obsessed with Val, the date causes Val's feelings for Vic to deepen. Meanwhile, Holly demands that Vince delete the phone numbers of all the girls in his cell phone, resulting in an argument that involves Gary and Tina.

74. HALLOWEEN May 25, 2006 Holly and Vince go to the country for a romantic weekend, and Holly decides she is ready for the next step in their relationship. Upon learning of Holly's desires, Vince feels immense pressure and has second thoughts. Meanwhile, Val is content with spending a quiet night at home, but when she ends up in an interesting situation with Charlie, she calls Vic for support and protection.

75. SOMEONE'S IN THE KITCHEN WITH DADDY May 29, 2006 When Holly and Val's father, Jack, drops in for a visit, the girls do their best to impress him. However, during a nice dinner, Holly and Val accidentally catch their father in a compromising position with his business partner. With all the Tyler family secrets out in the open, the group enjoys a nice evening together.

76. JAZZ NIGHT May 30, 2006 It's jazz night at the bakery that Val owns, and she finally asks Vic to be her date for the party. Although he initially agrees to the date, things go awry when he shows up with annulment papers.

77. GROUND-TURKEY-HOG-DAY May 31, 2006 On Thanksgiving, Holly and Vince discover Lauren kissing Rick , Val's ex-fiancé, and they try to hide the truth from Val. However, the situation leads Val to seek comfort from Vic , and the two decide not to sign their annulment papers.

78. FOR LOVE OR FOR MONEY June 1, 2006 Now that Val is truly attracted to her firefighter husband, she eagerly awaits a date they planned. But when she has a big argument with Lauren over Lauren's relationship choices, Val misses the date--and later, she gets a telephone call about a big fire downtown.

79 11 "Coming Home" TBA TBA January 27, 2006

June 5, 2006

Vince gets fired when Robyn finds him on the job making out with Holly, but Holly visits her and strikes a deal to let Vince get his job back. After Vic is injured during a big fire in Soho, Val wonders if she can handle worrying about Vic's job all the time and they end up confessing their love to each other.
80 12 "Desperate Girlfriends" TBA TBA February 3, 2006

June 6, 2006

Lauren lies about setting up a surprise birthday party for Val when Val becomes upset that Lauren is still seeing Rick. When Rick ends up in the hospital with a heart attack, Val is outraged when she learns the truth, forcing Holly to step in to help her work things out with Lauren. Meanwhile, Vic tries to find the perfect moment to ask Val an important question.
81 13 "The Other Women" TBA TBA February 17, 2006

June 7, 2006

Val tries to win over Vic's mother Eileen, but learns that Eileen is a long-standing recovering alcoholic after Val "pushes her off the wagon." As a result, she tries to get Eileen back on the right path without Vic finding out. Holly thinks Vince is spending too much time at work with Robyn, who has been trying to steal Vince away.
82 14 "Your Money or Your Wife" TBA TBA February 24, 2006

June 8, 2006

Gary and Tina have their hands full keeping Holly and Vince out of each other's way until they give up. Val has trouble keeping an expensive promise to the fire department.
83 15 "Garden State" TBA TBA March 3, 2006

June 12, 2006

Holly, Lauren and Tina have girls night to comfort Holly after her breakup with Vince but the night ends up not being as comforting. After learning they are not legally married, Vic and Val discover different visions for their future together on their way to meet Vic's brothers.
84 16 "Friends & Lovers" TBA TBA March 10, 2006

June 13, 2006

Val and Vic try to have sex together, but keep getting interrupted. Holly struggles with her feelings after breaking up with Vince without Val, which is complicated when she and Lauren are arrested. Vince tells Holly that he has a job offer in Chicago and plans to move there.
85 17 "Now and Zen" TBA TBA March 17, 2006

June 14, 2006

Vince learns that Holly was right about Robyn chasing after him and he thinks he messed up his relationship with Holly too much to fix it. Lauren treats the girls to a spa vacation before Val's wedding, but they have trouble leaving when the spa is locked down during a SWAT team search for two escaped convicts believed to be in the area.
86 18 "Finally..." TBA TBA March 24, 2006

June 15, 2006

Escaping the spa on horseback, Val and Holly barely make it to the wedding on time where Val finally marries Vic. Gary and Tina finally accept their feelings for one another. Vince discards his plans to move to Chicago and surprises Holly at the reception to make up with her since he can't imagine his life without her.Note: The song played at Vic and Val's wedding is The Beginning by Alice Peacock