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Season 3 Corus YTV Canada November 22, 2005 and January 2, 2006

45. EUROPE WAS SO MUCH MORE November 22, 2005 Holly returns home from Paris with a new boyfriend, Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR), a handsome British rock star. Realizing they've lost Holly, Vince and Henry are heartbroken, and Henry says good-bye to Holly one last time before leaving for Princeton. Also, Val, who has spent the summer with her boyfriend Rick (recurring guest star ED KERR), receives a surprise proposal after she reveals her own surprise.

46. LONGEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR November 23, 2005 Holly moves out with Ben after Val refuses to let him stay at the loft. When the two end up at Vince and Gary's apartment, Vince agrees to let them stay, in spite of his jealousy of Holly's new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Val is concerned her fear of commitment is affecting Holly and wonders if breaking off her engagement with Rick (recurring guest star ED KERR) was the right thing to do.

47. NOT SO SIMPLE LIFE November 24, 2005 Holly is so determined to help Ben's (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) music career that she risks their relationship when she uses her schoolbook money to pay for Ben to play at a club where pop star JESSE McCARTNEY ("Summerland") is performing. Meanwhile, when Rick (recurring guest star ED KERR) asks Lauren to help him shop for a ring for Val, Lauren chooses the perfect ring for herself.

48. GOD HELP THE MISTER November 28, 2005 Holly reschedules Val's bachelorette party to a different night after Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) gets a gig on the same night as the party. Angered by Holly's actions, Val fires her sister as maid of honor, replacing her with Lauren, who is more than willing to step in. Meanwhile, Gary pretends to be a dance student in order to impress Tina's friend Danielle (TAMYRA GRAY - "American Idol").

49. SPLIT ENDS November 29, 2005 When she can't find a job to earn money to buy Val's wedding gift, Holly enters a contest to become the new "Herbal Essences Girl." A spiteful Tina enters the same contest after Holly criticizes Tina's feelings for her married boss. Meanwhile, Val finds a love letter that Rick (recurring guest star ED KERR) has kept from his ex-fiance and questions whether he is ready for marriage.

50. GHOST OF A CHANCE November 30, 2005 The group gets ready to celebrate Halloween, with Holly and Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) dressed as Sonny & Cher, Gary and Danielle (recurring guest star TAMYRA GRAY) as Ike & Tina Turner, and Vince and Tina as the Simpsons--Homer and Jessica. Meanwhile, Holly holds onto the secret that she's dropped out of college. And, in order to get Val to relax from the stress of wedding plans, Lauren takes her to a dude ranch that turns out to be a nude ranch.

51. THREE LITTLE WORDS December 1, 2005 Holly is ready to tell Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) she loves him--until she discovers a secret from his past. Meanwhile, Val and Rick (recurring guest star ED KERR) argue over Val's controlling nature, and Rick wonders if she is truly ready to share her living space with him. JOANNA GARCIA ("Reba") guest stars as Fiona.

52. THE GIFT OF THE MUTTON December 5, 2005 Holly and Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) are having a difficult time balancing their professional and personal relationship, so Holly enlists Vince's help with a scheme to solve the dilemma. Meanwhile, Val is given very short notice that Rick's (recurring guest star ED KERR) parents are coming for dinner and insists on making his mother's favorite meal--sheep stew.

53. WE'LL MISS GITTLE A LITTLE December 6, 2005 Holly and Lauren try to take care of last-minute details to keep Val calm as her wedding day approaches. However, when the dress designer suddenly dies, the girls must try to salvage Val's dress. Meanwhile, Holly sees Val's groom, Rick (recurring guest star ED KERR), with his ex-fiance.

54. WEDDING EPISODE - PART 1 December 7, 2005 Val's wedding day is all in place, including a special musical wedding performance by recurring guest star GAVIN DeGRAW (himself), but everything takes a surprising turn towards disaster when Holly exposes the truth about Rick's (recurring guest star ED KERR) recent rendezvous with his ex-fiance. Meanwhile, Vince and Tina try to hide the fact that they spent the night together.

55. WEDDING EPISODE - PART 2 December 8, 2005 When Val decides that she can't go through with the wedding, Holly convinces her to still have a celebration with a personal serenade by rock singer GAVIN DeGRAW (himself). Meanwhile, Holly and Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) must say good-bye when he leaves for a two-month tour. And Gary uncovers the truth about Vince and Tina's night together.

56. HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY... December 12, 2005 Holly's excitement about landing a job at a music management firm is cut short when she feels that her new boss doesn't like her. Meanwhile, to help Val forget her troubles, the group takes her to "ladies' night" at a local club where Val bonds with another woman, Michelle (JENNY McCARTHY - "Scary Movie 3"), who is also nursing a broken heart, and Holly has a surprising encounter with her new boss.

57. DON'T KISS THE MESSENGER December 13, 2005 When Holly becomes frustrated that her boyfriend, Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR), has chosen work over spending time with her, Vince uses this information to his advantage. Meanwhile, Val learns that while she was dealing with the breakup of her relationship, Lauren ruined their business, prompting Val to unexpectedly buy her favorite bakery.

58. SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRLS December 14, 2005 Holly partners Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) with a new singer (JOANNA PACITTI) but becomes jealous when the sexy singer is attracted to Vince. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren get ready to open the bakery, but not before Lauren decides to make sure they get a good review from a local food critic by arranging a date for him with Val.

59. STUPID CUPID December 15, 2005 After Holly calls out Vince's name while kissing Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR), he breaks up with her on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Gary plays Cupid by telling Vince about the breakup, sending Vince running to Holly. But it's Tina who hits Holly with the bombshell that will change everything.

60. NOBODY'S PERFECT December 19, 2005 Holly tries to find a way to have a professional relationship with Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) now that their personal relationship has ended. However, Holly may regret her decision when he writes a song about what a horrible person she is. Meanwhile at Sugar Babies Bakery, Val has a difficult time trusting Lauren and Gary, especially after she finds out they were robbed by a 10-year-old girl.

61. DANGEROUS LIAISONS December 20, 2005 Val is caught off guard when a handsome plumber, Todd (recurring guest star LUKE PERRY - "Beverly Hills 90210"), comes to work at the bakery, and she recognizes him as a one-night stand from her high school days. Meanwhile, Holly can't forgive Tina and Vince for sleeping together.

62. GIRLS GONE WILD December 21, 2005 While Holly and Vince continue to fight for their friends' loyalty, Holly purposely leaves Vince behind when she invites Tina, Gary and Ben (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) on a spring break vacation. However, Vince unexpectedly shows up and comes to Holly's aid when she suffers from food poisoning. Back in the city, Lauren encourages Val to accept a date with a handsome customer, Chris (BRYCE JOHNSON - "Popular"), but finds out too late that the date is his prom.

63. BAD THE SCONE December 22, 2005 Holly is determined to heal Ben's (recurring guest star DAVID de LAUTOUR) broken heart by fixing him up with a sexy singer. When she asks Vince for help, their friendship is renewed. Meanwhile, Val gives a job to a homeless man who becomes the object of Val and Lauren's dueling affections. FRED SAVAGE ("The Wonder Years") directed the episode.

64. WORKING GIRLS December 26, 2005 After recommending to Tina that she get a job where Holly works, Holly confronts Tina when she uses her body, not her brains, to get ahead. Meanwhile, Val argues with Lauren when she uses a customer's death to meet the deceased man's handsome sons. Back at the loft, Holly and Val find solace in a "Gilligan's Island" television marathon--complete with a fantasy sequence featuring Holly as Mary Ann, Val as Mrs. Howell, Gary as the Professor, Vince as the Skipper, Tina as Ginger and Ben as Gilligan.

65. PRANKS A LOT December 27, 2005 When her friends accuse Holly of working too much and not having fun, she devises a prank that has Ben believing he is going to be deported back to England unless he marries Holly.

66. THE KID, THE CAKE, AND THE CHEMISTRY December 28, 2005 Holly plans a romantic surprise party for Vince's birthday. But havoc erupts when he arrives with a date, and Vince tries to get Holly to admit that she can't make a commitment. In the meantime, Val meets a handsome single dad and has high hopes of becoming an instant family--until she realizes the chemistry in the relationship is between herself and the man's 8-year-old son.

67. MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK December 29, 2005 Holly asks her ex-boyfriend Henry for advice about why she can't make a commitment and the reasons her romantic relationships end in heartache. Meanwhile, Lauren changes Val's love life from depressing to dangerous when she finds a reason for Todd to return to the bakery.

68. NOUGH IS ENOUGH January 2, 2006 In the season finale, Holly is excited to tell Vince she is ready to move forward in their relationship. But Vince, after seeing Holly in the arms of her ex-boyfriend, has had enough and travels to Florida for the summer, forcing Holly to take drastic steps to win back the man she loves. Meanwhile, after seeing her ex-fiance's wedding announcement, Val gets drunk and wakes up with a ring on her finger--and a surprise in her bed.